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And so I return from the preview screening of tonight's episode of Doctor Who. I don't want to give anything away, because that would be mean.. Suffice it to say, the episode itself isn't bad at all, the new companion is better than Rose, and the show is still awesome.

But more importantly, as a fan of many many years, the best thing about it all simply has to be seeing the titles (both opening and closing) on the cinema screen, with the volume cranked right up. The rush I got from the opening titles left me ever so slightly dizzy at the start of the episode, such was the level of excitement I experienced. And the middle eight in the closing credits was possibly the best Doctor Who-related moment of my life, with the possible exception of riding in Bessie, or wearing original Cyberman costumes..

So yes, the fact that it was in the cinema was just amazing, the theme tune was a brilliant experience, and the episode is rather good. All in all, it's been a good morning :o)


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