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Version for everyone
Naomi's dissertation requires that she gets people to fill in a questionnaire type thing. If I spelled that right.

Anyway, the following is a link to it - it's an Excel file, if you download it and open it, it'll have various questions. There's a Yes button, a No button, and a restart button. Fairly simple.

There's also a version for Excel 97. Just enter "Y" or "N" in the box against each question, then copy the code at the bottom of the page once you're done.

There are 155 questions, so it'll take a couple of minutes, but since it's just yes/no it should be fairly easy. Sensible answers please, this is actually important.

At the end of it, the box at the bottom will contain a code. Send me the code that yours generated, and I'll be able to reverse that and get the results out of it. The only data I need along with that is your gender, which I can probably figure out. If you get anybody else to do it too, let me know their gender with their results.

Successful completion will lead to me actually liking you, rather than just faking it like I probably am already.

Let me know if there are any bugs in it or anything, and I'll try to fix0r it. Much appreciated.

Main Survey Here
Version for old Excel here

Thanks for your participation.

(if this looks familiar, it's because the last one was friends only, to test that it works - this version is for anybody who wants to try it)

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(Deleted comment)
That's because OpenOffice is gh3y. I didn't build spreadsheets, I built VBA applications with an Excel front-end. As such, your pitiful excuse for software will fail.

Damn you drik.

I filled it in on the old version but couldn't find a code :/

Hmm, it should have been at the bottom to the left..

If you saved the spreadsheet, you could just send me that and I'll work it out from there..?

C&C playing walruses (Walri)

Play any Command&Conquer lately? The useless subject tells you who this is.

I wonder if you know that most of livejournal is laughing at you right now over the thing with ASA.

good stuff. I lol'd

Is that at or with?

I only ask because I'm personally laughing at the rest of LJ for being so quick to scream "OMG! Drama!", and even after finding that it was a big hoax they still over-react to the whole thing. It's great...

I'm not one to started drama so I wouldn't commment on your personal journal otherwise.

Good to know..

Where is this laughter taking place, exactly? :o)

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