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Marconi plays the mamba..
I'm having a Jefferson Starship moment here.. Well, technically I think it's just a Starship moment, but still..

I've been through a load of LJ entries from way back, making them public.. In stark contrast to my brother, who has made his younger writings private, I decided that I'm completely ashamed of myself, and that everybody else should be too. Looking back at it all, much of it is really stupid, but it's interesting to look back on it and see how I got to where I am now.. So everything up until March 2001 is now public, no exceptions. From that point on, it gets trickier, and I don't have the energy.

My Starship moment is now over, and I'm back to having one long Stars moment (you can tell which letter my music catalogue is open on).. For some reason, Life Effect reminds me of being seven or eight years old.. something about the backing music in the chorus. It's odd to have found a band whose songs manage to get to me this much - I hope the fact that I listen to the same stuff for hours every day doesn't adversely affect how much I like it :o)

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Jefferson fucking Starship!!!

Where did I go so wrong with your musical education?

Re: Jefferson fucking Starship!!!

In the absence of any good 80s music, one must make do with what actually existed :o)

hi. i'm sorry to butt in your personal lj entry, but your community, Arsenal has 517 members. we thought it'll be awesome to have customized icons, banners, and all that shit for kicks. hoping you'd let a couple of us in the community do that. =)

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