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What do I actually do again?
Just want to work out which jobs I actually do at work, because sometimes I lose track..

Marketing Systems Designer
This is my actual job, the one that I'm technically paid to do (sort of). So this means that I'm responsible for the overall process for sending out SMS and e-mail marketing, as well as the software that does it. And various other smaller design pieces (like our Marketing Calendar planning system). It's under this heading that I also code the HTML for several of our e-mails, since it's far more expensive to get an agency to do it and I can do lots of it myself anyway..

E-Mail & SMS Selections Analyst
So having designed and built an e-mail and SMS platform, it's also my job to run it operationally. I select the customers for campaigns based on various criteria, make sure they all get the right communication (which I put together myself in the first place sometimes), that sort of thing.

E-Mail Marketing Manager
In the absence of the person who would normally have this job, I'm picking it up. I coordinate all the campaigns, liaise with the marketing teams, the agencies and the broadcasters, and actually make sure that everything goes out of the door when it's supposed to. I also give orders to the Selections Analyst (who happens to be me), telling them what to do and when.

Internet Banking Analyst
I also appear to be the only person who does analysis on behalf of Internet Banking, looking at trends, customer profiles, response to campaigns, that sort of thing. Any data work around Internet Banking tends to fall to me.

Internet Banking Business Partner
And for the time being, I seem to be the central coordinator for Internet Banking requests, liaising with the business unit in order to establish requirements and priorities, before telling the Analyst (that's me again) what they should be working on and when. I also get to look at requirements for developments, and tell the relevant Marketing Systems Designer (also me) what it is we need to build.

Interest Calculation Subject Matter Expert (spare time)
Oh, and I'm building Interest Calculation software for Credit Cards to help them in their plans to wring more money out of customers who withdraw cash on their cards. But I don't do that on work time..

So not only do I have six jobs, but in two of them I'm practically the boss of the other three of them. I assumed "being your own boss" meant just having one job that you have complete control over, but no, I'm in a hierarchy, only I occupy several of the various slots along the way. It's complicated.

I wonder sometimes if I'm going to just explode..

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You must be a busy person then. Hopefully you're getting paid for all of them! ;)

One question: Is these jobs/email/sms to customers for your local bank or the UK banks?

This post then would confirm you appear to also be:

Executive Coordinator for the Passage of Atmospheric Particles through Personal Brass Band Instrumentation Equipment

If you do explode you could get another job title out of it *winks*

Just think how fantastic it'll be when you switch jobs, have less to do and get paid more *winks*

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