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Pedant time!

"At the time of her birth at the Baptist Children's Hospital last October, Amillia measured 241cm (9.5in) - no longer than a ballpoint pen."

Putting aside the fact that they missed out the decimal point in 24.1cm, they're still wrong. Show me a ballpoint pen that's 24cm long. If I recall correctly, an A4 sheet of paper is 21cm wide, and I don't have any pens that are longer than the page is wide, not by a long shot.

I don't mind them using imagery to help people picture these things, nor do I mind them exaggerating, so long as it's clear they are.. "Scarcely longer than a ballpoint pen" I would accept. But they presented it as fact, which it is not.

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Looks like they heard you - the link no longer reads like that.

I don't know, but posting in moderators' personal journals isn't the way to go about reversing that.

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