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(no subject)
So today has been eventful, though not for the reasons one might hope..

It was bound to happen eventually.. due to being ever so slightly hyperactive, I tend to run everywhere around the house.. Around a house that has stairs. I think you see where this is going.

It was quite an interesting experience really.. As I got to the top of the stairs, my foot slid out from under me.. Angular momentum is a weird thing - as I pivoted around my centre of gravity, my feet seemed to take most of my speed, and my head most of the gravity.. Which left me somewhat horizontal, and not in a position to fix that.. The fall itself was only about 6ft, so by my calculations it took 0.61 seconds. Still, it was odd in that I knew exactly what was happening, and actually felt the whole thing as it happened, even in that short space of time.

Anyway, as per my calculations, my butt hit the ground at about 14mph. It's a tricky one - if I was lighter, then I would have hit with less force, but I'd have been less cushioned. Either way, it hurt a fuckload, and I'm expecting interesting bruising. I shall try to avoid showing it off here.. In any case, I'm not currently sure whether I'll make it to the gym tomorrow.. I'd like to think I can, it's important to keep the momentum up.. And given that all I've done is bruise myself, I doubt it'll do much extra damage or anything..

It's just weird.. first time I've fallen down stairs in a good decade and a half.. The adrenaline is quite something, and the sensation of being completely unsupported is one I don't often have.. Even on a trampoline, one is undergoing parabolic flight which the body can kind of sense and anticipate. When it happens completely unexpectedly, it's pretty much a feeling of weightlessness since the body doesn't have time to work out what the fuck is going on before you crash into a heap on the floor..

Still, a bit of non-fatal excitement never hurt anyone..