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Dois Anos
I'm not even sure what language, if any, that subject is..

So anyway, Naomi and I don't really *do* Valentine's day as such.. Falling two days after our anniversary, and being largely focussed around commercial greed, it just seems easier to put the effort into the anniversary instead. But that's not to say that today should be completely ignored.. :o)

This is our third Valentine's day together, which I rather think is quite an achievement.. I wouldn't dream of speaking on Naomi's behalf, but personally I couldn't be happier, short of having a ton of money on top of everything I already have.. It has to be said, and I apologise to those of you who don't want to hear it, that I love her very much, and life together is great :o)

And things are getting better.. Now that Naomi can drive, we can go to cool places.. Our anniversary presents to each other included a SatNav and a really awesome picnic set, so remote mountains here we come.. It'll be awesome to get out of Cardiff and actually see the nice parts of Wales.. Lots of adventures to be had :o)

Anyway, I shall leave it there.. Just wanted to use today as an excuse to say a few things.. Life, as ever, is good :o)