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It's the most beautiful day, although right now, I'm not sure whether that's because of the weather, or because of you... Either way, it's lovely out there, and I'm wandering around phenomenally happy... I've just come back from the shop, having bought toilet paper (this is my week for that, so...), and having checked the mail. I have Friends Series 7 Episodes 1-8 on order, and I wanted to see if they'd come. Episodes 5-8 are here already, but the porter wasn't there to give them to me (I have to sign for them), so basically, I have to wait until tomorrow anyway, when Episodes 1-4 ought to be here as well. Hooray, a five hour friends Series 7 Directors Cuts marathon :o)

I'm not sure what to do today.... Perhaps I should make a start on my programming assignment for the end of term, but I doubt I'll have the staying power to do much on that. There is a second AI assignment I'll have to do too, but hopefully there will be an example waiting for me in my COGS mailbox, which will help me no end....

Alternatively, I'd go do some art. The problem, as I see it, is that without a scanner, I have no means of showing my art to anybody. And if it's not going to be seen, what's the point? Regardless, I'm certainly in a very artistic creative mood, and since these don't come along so often, I shall take advantage of it...

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And now, the gallary. Dum de dum de dum de dummm ... de de dummm ... de de dum de dummmm. Dum de dum de dum. De de dum. De de dum de dum.

What was that music called, and where can I get it?


it was a beautiful day here as well


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