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(no subject)

This is hilarious. Sadly, I'm not as funny as these guys so I'll just copy and paste..

While driving on the highway, a child molester who is also driving might look into the back seat of your car and see your childusing their DS back there. According to this terrifying report, thechild molester can then - while driving their car - produce a DS of their own and utilize it to divine your home address. You will recall that he is driving on the highway at speeds approaching sixty miles an hour. One hand is on the wheel and the other is managing the gearbox. Thus, there can be no question.

He is entering these messages into the DS with his erect phallus.

The report isn't specific on this last point, but it's clearly present in the subtext. Pedophiles are writing messages to your kids using their dicks.

There is probably something here that could be of use to parents, but it is buried so deeply in viewer manipulation that it couldn't possibly be extricated. Another Fox affiliate has done another story whose only purpose is to...  Well, to what exactly?  Despoil an otherwise pure half-hour?  May we all live in a place so tame that we must invent our evil.

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Well...there is one flaw in that argument that the Perp is writing it with his dick.

Unlike in Europe...90% of US cars are Automatic..not stick shift. So his other hand doesnt have to switch gears. Thus allowing him to type/write on the DSL. Plus even if it was a stick shift car...going at 60 you are in overdrive so you typically dont have to switch gears at that point..still leaving your hand free

I'm not entirely sure that you get it..

Let us also not forget how difficult it is to write legibly with one's man-member. I don't know about you but mine is distinctly lacking an opposable digit.

I think the whole idea is frankly not credible...

Now I feel left out. Not having the additional typing apendage I realise how much work I'm missing out on being able to do (while driving).

You guys have all the luck

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