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It's worth noting that Keith Vaz is an opportunist spacktard, who takes Big Brother far too seriously.

I mean honestly, some of the shit the man is coming out with is just ridiculous, and as far as I can tell he's the only one that's really trying to get the show onto the political agenda.

The main thing I take issue with is the following:

"May we have an urgent debate on the remit and financing of Channel 4 and the responsibility of broadcasters not to broadcast racial prejudices?"

Is he serious? Is the solution to racism not to show it on TV? I tell you what, if we all close our eyes and wish really hard, maybe it'll all go away. I don't deny for a second that Channel 4 are profiting from highly negative aspects of our culture and society, but if that's the reality of it, then naturally reality TV will show that..

Personally I think the whole thing is rather good.. They're behaving disgracefully, and the public aren't standing for it. It exposes the racism in individuals, and the will of the general public to stamp such racism out. How is that so dreadful?

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Frankly, I think it's a GOOD thing that there's some racism on this year's Big Brother, after last years façade involving Faria Alam, who claimed she was the victim of racial abuse, but it in fact turned out that she was unpopular due to sleeping with 75% of the English FA.

Could it not be that we are all just reacting to something we find unplesant within ourselves rather than a genuine desire to be different?

I really have trouble believing that it is purely altruism that has caused as much of an uproar as this has.

I wonder if it was actually for real at times or just orchestrated. Is Jade smart enough to be given direction before going in and keep her mouth shut?

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