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(no subject)

I actually feel sort of bad for the army.. Because I know how easy stuff like that is to do - I too need to ensure that the dead are not included in anything I send out.. When you start e-mail dead people asking them to take up your products, you're really just asking for trouble. Of course, when it's me doing it, it's not like I actually killed them in the first place, so I guess it would be less ironic than it is for the army.. :o)

And naturally, where I use the word 'ironic' there, I mean poetic. I know what irony is. In fact, given my usual level of arrogance, and the fact that I claim to know what irony is, it is actually ironic that I would misuse it as I did above. Which is why I spent an entire paragraph justifying myself - how very worth it..

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I guess I can understand how such an error can be made, but I am not sure how understanding the families of the dead would be. Not only does it show failure to acknowledge what these brave soldiers did but also rubs salt on the wounds of the families.

I prefer the word poetic myself. :)

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