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I'm off to bed. Oh, and Ed? The thing that I did at 7:30pm was phoning Jen. It was nothing to do with you, and I'm not quite sure how you got the impression that it was.... I only told you I was counting down to something to wind you up, I dunno how that evolved into paranoia ;o)

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Of course, you're never encourage paranoia in Ed, would you? ;-)

I didn't think it had anything to do with me cos I asked David and he said it didn't. So I was fine with it, and I figured the reason you were offline so much was because you'd been arrested for streaking all over the campus. Oh well, 7 hours 45 minutes to go...

My brain hurts...speak to you soon...infact I think I might go and pay a visit to your family in the next few days...just for directions you understand.

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