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I've lost an awful lot of respect for the BBC in the last couple of weeks..

Paragraph 1: You all disagree with us, so why bother arguing?
Paragraph 2: Technically what we did wasn't quite illegal anyway..
Paragraph 3: Everyone else was doing it!
Paragraph 4: You would have been pissed at us either way
Paragraph 5: So we did it, and we don't care what you think

And now that I look at it, the previous article is full of child-level justifications:

Paragraph 1: We did this
Paragraph 2: .. but everyone knew his name anyway!
Paragraph 3: We thought you wanted us to
Paragraph 4: It's okay because it's legal
Paragraph 5: We did it for you!

This whole thing reminds me of when the police shot the guy on the tube through the head repeatedly, or whatever actually happened there.. At first, for a few seconds, it seems like this good thing.. Then the doubts start creeping in.

After initially finding the whole thing really interesting, I was already feeling uneasy about it before they arrested the second suspect (who, in contrast to the first, has been charged). After all, if he didn't do it, then between the interview with the BBC and the general fact that he had a MySpace, my thinking was that his life was pretty much ruined.. A few years ago, people would fade out of the public eye after things like this, but in this case, maybe not.

And as it looks progressively less likely that he's going to be charged with this, it's all turning out just like that.. Will he ever be able to go back to a normal life? If not, how much of that is down to the BBC's lack of journalistic integrity?


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