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Part 2
Well that was good fun..

I went to London today, for a meeting.. to be quite honest, the meeting was 'uninspiring' in many ways - it was generally around how we better organise certain processes, and was mostly a meeting about how we have meetings.. There were certainly highlights, and some things I'm really looking forward to doing, but a lot of it was talking around just how badly we're organised as a company..

I spent much of the afternoon in the British Museum, which was interesting, but not entirely exciting.. It was nice though, I felt very cultured looking at the earliest artwork ever found in England (a rather neat drawing of a horse on a bone), and seeing some cool native American weapons and stuff.. I just wish I hadn't had my laptop with me, and that I hadn't spent quite a while walking to get there - by the time I arrived, my feet were not having a great time..

In spite of that, once I left I decided that I wanted to go find Covent Garden, since this cool shop (CyberCandy) was there, and they sell all manner of American treats.. I found Lucky Charms, but at £6 per box I didn't bother, because I couldn't carry them home easily, and it didn't seem worth it.. If I'm paying that much for the food, paying delivery on top isn't so bad. Mind you, if next time I'm in London I take a backpack with me...

Anyway, when I got to Covent Garden Market, I wandered around a bit, until I heard a loud noise and decided to investigate. the noise came from cheering spectators, at the start of a bit of street performance. It looked like a proper organised event, of sorts, though if it's in the middle of a market then in my book it's still street theatre (or whatever you want to call it). Anyhow, it was a guy whose name I don't recall catching, but he was very funny.. Anyway, he started off just chatting to the audience, then went into a bit of dancing (very good dancing too).. Then came that bit that made my day that little bit more interesting..

.. so he turns to the audience and calls a kid (12ish?) out. Said child is reluctant, but eventually goes up, gets introduced to the audience, etc. Then he turns to me, and asks me to come up. Now the thinking runs as follows - if I say no, then I just got beaten by a small child. Though to be honest, I had no intention of saying no anyway - as an attention seeker at heart, obviously I had to do it :o)

There were probably about 300 or so people in the audience by this point, which is a fairly respectable number. Anyway, he called up another couple of people as well. He made us do a bit of dancing and stuff, then took each of us out in turn to teach us specific moves. In my case, this involved the thing where you flick your right leg out in front of you, bring it around your left, and use the momentum to spin yourself around 360 degrees. And when I say he taught us these moves, what I really mean is he went up, did something, and then we had to copy it. Miraculously, I actually managed mine fairly well (as far as I could tell). There were a couple of other things too, but as far as I know I didn't actually fuck up or anything..

Anyway, it's mostly one of those "you had to be there" things, so I won't go on about it. Suffice it to say, I had a great time, probably looked like a complete twat, but better to be the twat up on stage enjoying himself rather than the twat who just runs away when invited to participate.. By the end, I was on a total adrenaline buzz anyway, which still hasn't fully worn off. So when it came to the bit at the end where people give him some money if they liked his performance, I gave him a tenner - which I believe should be the going rate for anybody who can turn a marketing nerd's dull dreary day into a random flashback to days at university.. Plus I'm full of Rich White Guy Guilt over the fact that last night me and my colleagues managed to plough our way through over a thousand pound's worth of food and alcohol.. I thought the least I could do was use some of the money that I'd had earmarked for that (which I didn't have to spend in the end) to pay for my entertainment today. And I was entertained :o)

So yes, that was very weird, but great fun.. I'd forgotten just how much I like being the centre of attention, even just for a few brief seconds..

Then after that, it was off to Trafalgar Square to meet TMA.. We wandered from there up to Piccadilly Circus, along Regents Street, up Carnaby Street, along Oxford Street, then up Edgware Road, then along to Paddington. All in all, the walk took about an hour and a half, which is presumably good exercise when combined with the general walk from around Mornington Crescent down to central London that I'd done earlier in the day.. Saw lots of Christmas lights - every year is less inspiring than the last, because they're just bland sponsored crap, but there were some lights down a side street that looked pretty good. Oxford Street was kind of crowded (who knew?), but it was a nice walk nevertheless.

Oh, and it's probably worth noting that it was good to see TMA as well.. it's not often that I get to be that offensive to someone in person. He's one of the few people I know who'd understand a Vortex Ring State, and how it pertains to helicopters dropping like stones, and is also one of the few people who'll put up with my overly eloquent manner of speaking at times.. I get to use all the long words I want, and rather than him look at me like I'm a freak, he envies my ability to communicate effectively. Mostly it's because he already believes me to be a freak, but still.. I get to use words like erstwhile - it's good.