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I'm so hard for the rich girl
I really can't get enough of this song, I've listened to it ten times already today, and it's barely lunchtime.. The song in question is Elevator Love Letter by Stars, and it's on a par with Comforting Sounds for tingle-ness.. It strikes me as being some sort of cross between Dubstar and Alisha's attic, with vocals to fall in love with and just the right mix of major chords to give me little feelings of euphoria..

Now, by nature, I tend to be quite a happy person, so the odd dose of extra euphoria from time to time puts me into a very happy mood indeed.. And it's for this reason that I think Stars are my favourite band for this year.. I connect with at least two of their songs on a level that I rarely connect with music. The first instance is Elevator Love Letter, the second is Sleep Tonight, which makes me do just that.. Something about it just goes right inside my head and tells it to feel drowsy.. The song just makes me feel like I'm thirteen years old, listening to peaceful music at 2am when I should be asleep.. If you don't know that feeling, then you're not in my head.

So, the list of songs that currently 'touch' me goes as follows:

Stars - Sleep Tonight
Stars - Elevator Love Letter
Mew - Comforting Sounds
Erasure - Let's Take One More Rocket To The Moon

Mmm, I love music :o)


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