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Deja who?!
I got my new phone last Friday, moved my SIM card over, and suddenly up popped all these people that I had thought were gone forever.. You know how you deliberately delete people to make a point? Well Nokia have undone that..

So let's see.. the phone numbers of every ex girlfriend since early 2002, people I used to work with years ago, members of the Adjective Army that I've long since lost touch with, people I used to live with, people I went to university with.. While it was quite a nostalgia kick, I can't imagine wanting to contact any of them - if they weren't previously in my phone memory but were residing on my SIM card, then it means that I deleted them, most likely for a reason.

Speaking of former relationships, we finally got around to watching Secret Smile last night (you'll see the connection in a minute). It was actually surprisingly good, and I appreciated the change of tone in the second episode.. Acting-wise, the girl from Casualty seemed to be under the impression that if her motives weren't sufficiently clear, then she'd emphasise words until it became obvious.. It wasn't exactly bad, but it wasn't great.. The girl from Shaun of the Dead was much better, though I can't work out whether she was looking attractive or ever so slightly old..

Then there's David Tennant, and I really can't fault him.. A very different performance to everything else I've seen him in, and possibly one of the most convincing performances I've seen recently.. Very scary.. Quite how he got away with filming rape scenes shortly before taking the lead role in Doctor Who, I don't know.. Though on reflection, in spite of the various sex and rape scenes in Secret Smile, I still feel more violated by your average episode of Torchwood, so I guess it's not that bad..

Anyway, it got me thinking (briefly) about an ever so slightly psychotic ex type thing of mine.. This all happened at my freshers ball, more than six years ago now (Christ I'm old).. Anyway, there was this girl who was on my course (bad idea) and who was a friend of one of my flatmates (worse idea). With hindsight, I should have spent some time actually getting to know her, or at least spent time with her sober, because to be honest I don't think I would have gone there under any normal circumstances. Anyway, we ended up kissing at the fresher's ball, which at the time seemed cool because it made me the first person to 'get off' with someone, as one did in those days. It didn't progress beyond kissing, we spent a bit of time in each other's company that evening, then went our separate ways.

The next day, I was awoken at about 9am (after a heavy night of drinking) by various text messages and missed calls. While I don't subscribe to the notion of 'playing it cool' as such, I don't think it's appropriate to be waking people up with needy messages the morning after a party.. Naturally, feeling that I had plausible deniability on my side, I ignored them for a while, thinking that the natural conclusion would be that I was still asleep. Not so - apparently the natural conclusion was that I was in the company of the housemate of mine that she knew, and that we were somehow conspiring against her. To paraphrase, I eventually received something along the lines of this:

"Look, I know you're with Michelle, I'm not stupid, she's welcome to you, I hope the two of you are very happy together"

Every time I watch shows in which somebody turns a wee bit psychotic in a relationship, it makes me think about how I dodged a bullet with that one - had her Crazy Bomb had a slightly longer fuse, there's a slight chance that I would have felt obligated to take up with her in some sort of relationship, which would have been much harder to extricate myself from. If I recall correctly, in spite of her being on the same course as me, I managed to get away with never speaking to her again.

She, if memory serves, later formed a relationship with Creepy Alan, with whom I once tried to start a band-type thing.. He seemed to have a rather favourably inaccurate opinion of his own singing abilities, along with my guitar skills. I think in his world-view, because I was better than him, I was therefore amazing. I had a rather more realistic view that while I'm okay at some stuff, I'm not exactly great. He thought Open Mic Night was our great destiny, at which we could play all manner of difficult songs. I thought he was a lunatic, and thus ended my first attempt at some sort of band. But that's a random aside, something that I wanted to write down in case I forgot it at some point in the future..

I have a feeling that most of that part of my university life all happened within the first term of my first year.. By the second term, I'd calmed down a lot, burned through most of my alcohol money, and was back to doing things on the Internet, which was probably a more sane way to be.. I think the non-stop drama would have eventually turned me weird (moreso).

But anyway, that's something of a blast from the past.. Within the next few days I'm turning 25, which feels like an awfully large number.. I think 26 will be bigger (aside from the obvious fact that 26 > 25) - it represents a change of perspective from the middle of my 20s to a point that is undeniably towards the tail end. Nevertheless, 25 appeals to me - being a square number, as well as dividing into 100, it's cool.. But then so was 24, divisible as it is by 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24. Then of course, 26 is uninteresting, being 2x13, or 52/2.. Neither of those inspires me.

Speaking of maths, not sure if I mentioned, but I've got Pi memorised to 62 decimal places now.. It is remembered thusly:

3. 14-15 92 65-35 89-79 323 84-62-64 3383 279 502 88 4 1971-69 39-93 75-105 8-20 97 49-44-59

It's no harder to remember than six telephone numbers, after all..

Random thoughts are shooting through my head now.. it might be that I didn't properly wake up this morning.. it was a bit late, so I had to just get out of bed, go straight downstairs, take the rubbish out, clean myself, put clothes on, and walk out the door.. Usually I take a bit more time than that waking up, sitting in front of the TV for a bit so that I can catch the news and have something slowly getting my brain running. I've missed that this morning, and so am in a slightly weird (but not bad) mood..

Work is fun at the minute.. I get all the fun of designing marketing systems and various software, without the rather tiresome job of building it and testing it. Not that I mind the build/test phase so much when I'm doing things for myself, but when I'm building applications to other people's specifications it's just much more fun not to have to bother with the actual doing phase. I just get to work out how it should do things, and then pass that on to another team. This means that a lot of the stuff I do from day to day really needs to be handed off elsewhere, which will be interesting.. I have many babies, and most of them will need to be made robust enough that other people can use them, which will be a challenge..

Anyway, moving swiftly on..

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"speaking of maths", the particular digits of pi have very little meaning within maths :p

Nevertheless, to the lay-person (and that's the audience I direct my posts at - I can't fill them with bivariate stats just to keep you happy), Pi is inexorably linked to the field of mathematics, digits and all.

If it helps, I could say "Speaking of maths, the ratio between the circumference and the diameter of a circle is described to a 62 decimal place accuracy thus.." - that's mathematical.

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