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Good grief, I feel like such a tool... I just posted the following on our Intranet news page type thing, and it's possibly the most greasy thing I've ever written..
As many of you will be aware, a message was broadcast today to all company mobiles, reminding staff to enrol in Flexible Benefits before Friday.

This is an excellent example of how the SMS marketing platform that is currently used to send sales and service messages to customers can be used to facilitate internal communications. At less than 4 pence per SMS, all it takes is a list of mobile numbers and a message. The applications range from Flexible Benefits, to disaster recovery, and indeed anything else where you might want to be able to immediately contact members of staff, with the ability to see when/if messages are actually delivered.

If you have an application in mind for this technology, or if you require further information, either contact me, or [snip].
It just feels like it's written in Press-Release rather than English.. And now I must bury my head in shame..

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Go take a shower and wash away the remains of your dignity, assuming any of it even bothered to follow you home from work.

Please return my brother, I have nobody to complain to about trivial things without him..

i hear you're an everclear fan.

Back in the old days, when they were good, rather than new Everclear with all these weird new people that I don't like..

PS, if you're about to slate my taste in music, let's not forget I met you at a 'Tha Ataris' gig :oP

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