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If you thought I looked bad before...
... then just take a look at me now - talk about going downhill :o)

Aha. Blah. Ick. Ugh. Yuck.

That is all :o)

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I think I speak for everyone when I say..

are you crazy? Trailing a wire like that? It's such a safety hazard! hehe

Oh, I know. But I care not for my personal safety :o)

he's beautiful, isn't he? inside and out


i love having beautiful things :)

Well I'll be your "beautiful" thing for as long as you'll have me :o)

NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You and me are getting a hair cut on saturday..or I do it for oyu in your sleep. later...

Kiss my ass, you will not cut my hair. I like my hair as it is, thank you so very much.

Are you somewhat incapable of saving images in other formats other than .png ffs?

.jpg or .gif at the very least, but .png? 133Kb? Yeah right. :)

Oh hush, it's not like you have to pay to be online any more :oP

Anyhow, .png is the future of graphics and you know it :o)

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