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This is bizarre.. For work, I'm having to use the word "sub-title", and I keep almost writing it subtitulo, which would be the Portuguese (or possibly Spanish) way to write it..

I accidentally left my Latin dictionary at my parents' house, even though I meant to bring it back to Cardiff with me.. I've decided that I might as well add another tiny string to my bow by learning a few words of Latin, in true ".. master of none" style. I already know a fair few words - I find myself actually understanding people speaking Ancient in Stargate, which is lifted straight from Latin..

Speaking of TV, in a tenuous segue, I've realised that once you understand TV, it takes a lot of the fun out of it.. Based on the camera angle, you can usually tell what's going to happen next - doors opening, people overhearing things, that sort of thing.. I'm mostly thinking soaps here, because they so formulaic.. It just makes it all a bit obvious.. I was watching Mary Poppins the other day, and I was finding it increasingly difficult to suspend my disbelief..

Neighbours has jumped the shark (again). Here's an approximation of storylines to come in a few months in the UK (which I've painfully endured from Australia).

1. Boyd and Janae are randomly told to leave Number 30. Have they moved in with his parents or hers? Who knows!
2. Carmella has similarly left Number 30, because she can't be around Ned. But she's just gone across the street and now lives with Harold.
3. Toadie gets a job in Sydney for 6 months (read: a week and a half), and moves out of Number 30

"O noes" they shout, they now have insufficient residents. So they bring in four new people. The trailers refer to them as "four sexy, single newcomes, each with a dark secret". So they've effectively taken an already obvious device, and just multiplied it up into a whole group of people with distinct secrets. How exciting they must think they're being..

So we have Fraser, who is some sort of animated mannequin from Top Shop, and a professional gambler. I don't know whether I'm meant to be sensing a 'gamling addiction' storyline, but it would seem like the usual Neighbours response. People have already called him an addict. Then we have Will, who is meant to be either be hot or irritating, but who has already quit the show (haha). He seems to be a drifer, but he's being sent huge wads of cash, which he burns.. who knows what's going on? Then there's Pepper Steiger, the senior sergeant's daughter, who is quite clearly meant to be insane, but they've hammed it up too far. I can't work out whether we're meant to think she's hot, though I'm quite certain that she isn't. Then there's Carmella's sister, who is apparently a successful lawyer who has never lived away from home. In that case, how is she not completely rich, and able to buy herself a house?

So what they've basically done is to engineer storylines that make little sense in order to make some space in the 'fun' house, so they can move in four clichés.. It's just like what they've done with Lyn - they engineered the plot so she had to sell her house, so Loris Timmins bought it and gave it to Janelle, so that more Timmins brats could move in over the next little while. The whole thing is just so transparent - characters behave in ways that enable storylines, rather than responding to situations within storylines.

Anyway, I'm rambling :o)

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I'm very happy that I managed to kick my neighbours addiction over summer...

Unfortunately, relapse is probably just around the corner.

I discovered recently that Neighbours just isn't that good if you're no longer a student and procrastinating hideously.

This just confirms it : )

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