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School is getting progressively worse, and it makes me so glad to be a 'grown up' so that I don't have to put up with it, or have my brain forcibly pulverised..

For starters, removing coursework components of GCSEs.. Uh, what the crap? I personally hated coursework throughout my education, but I wouldn't for a second dispute that it's an important component of the syllabus. Replacing it with a sort of exam-style equivalent undertaken in class is just going to make the work feel more like exams, which I'm sure will put a lot of people off. There are those people who do well in coursework, and badly in the pressurised environment of exams, and adding pressure and supervision to the coursework is just going to hurt them educationally.

Of course, it was different in my day.. Much of our coursework was handwritten, something that I understand doesn't happen now. Plagiarism off the Internet was virtually unheard of in our school, and the only people who knew how to do it were smart enough to do the work for themselves anyway. Nevertheless, if teachers are doing their jobs properly when marking coursework, they should be able to identify work that doesn't fit the students who've written it, and could challenge the pupil to expand more upon their ideas. Surely a little extra time and effort is all it would take..

And now they want to replace the regular Double Science with a sort of "Science Issues" GCSE, plus an additional GCSE in either theory or application of science. I'm left with a distinct "WTF?!" feeling. Learning about mobile phone radiation, and good nutrition, and global warming.. Presumably Evolution is on there, but only because it's currently a topical subject that's been in the news. Plate tectonics might make it because of Tsunamis.

I can't help but feel that this constant dumbing down of the education system is going to lead to future generations of idiots, who only know about things that are popular. The media will set the agenda for education, which will in turn maintain the status quo of the time.. Great.. But then it gets a bit annoying, because I'm in agreement with people who are ever so annoying.. This from the rector of Imperial College:

"But for those who really want to go on and study a subject in depth, and particularly go to a good university like Imperial, then they'll never get there unless they study the individual subjects and take A-levels in these individual subjects."

Good university like Imperial indeed.. I could've walked into Imperial with my eyes closed, and I didn't take individual GCSEs in the various science subjects.. Though after the open day type thing I went to there, I can't think why on earth I would ever want to.. It's pretty rubbish that they're effectively dismissing students from specific schools en masse.. The word "never" is absolute, after all.

So if your school is tied to a particular examination board that's only doing this new flavour of GCSEs, expect universities to write you off without even considering your abilities. What an entirely fair way to treat children.....

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I could've walked into Imperial with my eyes closed, and I didn't take individual GCSEs in the various science subjects..

Same here. I applied and was consequently accepted by Imperial, but got totally put off by the university when I visited it for my interview.

On a purely selfish level, I hate the whole making GCSEs easier thing. Not because it'll mean that younger people will have essentially the same qualification that I did only with less work (although saying that, I didn't actually do any work), but because it'll mean that I will have to deal with more stupid people in the future.

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