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(no subject)
I had a few things I was meaning to say..

The first is that Naomi is now my most long-term girlfriend beyond a shadow of a doubt.. Or should that be longest term? Either way, 19 months isn't a bad record, especially since things are still so good between us.. It's all rather awesome, and deserves a celebratory meal out.. Though quite when we'll get around to that, I don't know - doing it after work is possibly the wrong time on account of how tired it leaves us both.. Nevertheless, it's quite the achievement, especially since we've still got another nine months in our current place which (touch wood) will take us to 28.. It leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling, and her with an "I win" feeling I presume, both of which are good :o)

And speaking of the flat, things are going well.. paid electricity and gas bills yesterday, which came out at half the amount for which I've budgeted, which means we're doing better financially than I thought we would.. Of course, winter is coming, but I see no reason why our bills would necessarily double - we're not there for half the time anyway.. But yes, that's a happy thought too :o)

Onto slightly more scary thoughts.. I ought to share this amusing tale, even though it makes me look ever so slightly spineless.. Yesterday while walking to pick up Naomi I got stuck behind this group of 'youths' (shortly after telling TMA how ugly the locals in Cardiff tend to be, which amused me).. As we approached Naomi's work, she'd just come out, and they called over to her and made 'suggestive' gestures (in the same way that a punch in the face is suggestive of dislike).. She replied with something along the lines of "That's my boyfriend behind you", at which point a series of thoughts flashed through my head:

1. Stand up straight
2. Don't stare at the floor
3. Aim not to get knifed

Being taller and of more stocky construction than your average townie, I used to be fairly fearless.. the fact that in recent years 'youth culture' and 'knife culture' have started to considerably overlapped has diminished my fearlessness slightly.. When they called after me along the lines of "I intend to procreate with your significant other" (translated from the native "I'ma shag your missus"), the only thing I could even remotely think of saying was "Only if I can have a turn on your mum", in the hope that she was dead and the remark was even more offensive.. It should go without saying that I thought better of it, and just kept walking..

"Your mother's deaf.."

I just find it amusing that I'd only just been discussing the standard of the natives with TMA, and reached the conclusion that they're a bit rubbish.. Still, as the students return, the townies migrate to Newport for their term-time ASBO fun, so it's all good..

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"I guess that's why she didn't move around a lot"

Crikey! How on earth did you find that? I must text Dan immediately :o)

That's just so tragic... :o)

Text message received!

By the looks of things he appears to be using myspace as a means to 'groom' laydez online?

the hazards of dating a beautiful girl

I am so pleased to hear that you will defend her honour. We have every faith in your ability James. Not many young men would bother going to meet their girlfriend from work after having such a long day themselves. Thank you. Oh, and congratulations on 19 months! You have staying power, or is it that she is too wonderful to risk losing? Biased? Me?

Re: the hazards of dating a beautiful girl

I think it's probably a bit of both :o)

Glad to hear you're feeling better by the way.. Hope to see you soon :o)

You neglected to mention why you were looking forward to the students returning... so I'll quote you (or at least paraphrase) to fill in the blanks "Because I enjoy ogling all the hot student birds"

We've been through this, it's not that I want to check out 'hot student birds' as you so politely put it - rather it's quite nice to see people who actually have teeth and an education. Such people are rather rare in Cardiff during the university holidays...

PS, this is a perfect example of .. well .. what you are.

You take a perfectly nice post where I'm all happy about Naomi being my longest term girlfriend, and you try to ruin it with talk of young students and ogling.

This is the very reason that your invitation to the wedding comes with the condition that you are to be bound and gagged for the duration, and cannot communicate with anyone.

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