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(no subject)
1] Do you prefer to drink PG Tips or Sainsburys own tea?
Neither, I don't drink tea.. have I failed already?

2] When was the last time you watched TOTP?
Probably a couple of Christmas's ago..

3] Have you ever been to a pub?

4] Ever drank cider in a park?
No - I thought this was about how British I am, not how scummy..

5] Customised you school uniform?
Um.. no.

6] Spend over £10 a week topping up your mobile?
Yes, before I was on contract..

7] Shopped at Aldi/Lidl/Netto?
I think I covered this - only scummy people shop at these places, I am not such a person.

10] When did you start to go out clubbing?
When I was 18 and went to university.

11] Laughed at kids with 'free lunch' meal tokens?

12] Do you call your mum by her first name?
Unless her first name is "mummy", no..

13] have you ever shopped at "New Look"?
I have no idea

14] Have you ever played a game of cricket?
Yes, we played it at school

15] Did you like to play rounders at school?
It wasn't bad..

16] Ever been made to do P.E in your underwear because you forgot your kit?
Not to my knowledge, I don't think they allow that sort of thing these days.. sexual predators and all that..

17] Favourite flavour of crisps?

18] Do you eat fish and chips regulary or have them wrapped in newspaper?
Not really, no..

19] What do you order from mcdonalds?
20 Chicken McNuggets

20] Favoured alcholic drink?
Blue WKD with a shot of red Aftershock at the bottom of it

21] Friends with a chav?
Seriously, WTF? Not unless you count TMA..

22] Lived on or near a council estate?
Christ no..

23] Where would you class yourself at school?
Teh Smartets!!!1

24] Do you think we should bring back the £1 note?
For what, exactly? The coins are doing fine..

25] Do you think we should convert to the euro?

26] Do you agree with the royal family?
We rarely argue

27] Have you ever been to London?
Well of course

28] Blackpool?
Not to my knowledge

29] Do you have a bulldog tattooed to your arm?

30] Do you say phrases like 'safe', 'innit', 'bloody', 'bugger' etc?
I don't misuse those words, but three of them have valid uses.

31] Been in the channel tunnel?

32] Where have you been on your school trips?
Shropshire, Cornwall, Marlow, I think that's it..

33] Been to the bookies/made a bet?

34] Where do you do your food shopping?

35] Are you proud to be British?

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Surely this is more along the lines of a 'How much of an uncouth cretin are you?' survey than how British. Although go to any city centre at night and you might be confused between the two...

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