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So anyway...
We didn't go to see David Lees in the end. But I now know his address, and live just down the road from him so to speak, so really, it's only a matter of time before I go bother him :o)

Only two hours to go.... *sigh*

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It's not UK law, it's Usenet law, and as such, applies to all threaded mediums. Therefore, I can invoke it on this, and end the thread :o)

Toad. I was just starting to enjoy this. %-)

It's your own fault - mention of Hitler is sufficient to invoke the law :o)

If this post is ended then I'll just make my own about it.

Bull poo, you just don't want me seeing your baby pics. ;-)

FINE then, I hope he would have been utterly Peter Thomas-esque, howzat? 8-)

Would you hurry up and just say "I vote for Jim" cos he thinks that it doesn't count unless you say that...

*COMPLETELY baffled*

Right then ...

I vote for Jim</i>

[thanks for the tip, Ed ;-) ]


Jim: 2
Ed: 0

Haha, I'm gonna win this!

I'm going to regret this, aren't I? %-)

Well I'm afraid you are. Because I'm just so darned attractive compared to Jim and you've just lost your chance to see me nekkid ;-)

Come on, one more vote for James and it'll be over...

Now I know how they felt in Florida ... %-)

James Blackmail Pics: 3
Ed Blackmail Pics: 1

Looks like you win ;o)

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