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So anyway...
We didn't go to see David Lees in the end. But I now know his address, and live just down the road from him so to speak, so really, it's only a matter of time before I go bother him :o)

Only two hours to go.... *sigh*

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2 hours until what?

If I wouldn't tell you earlier, what makes you think I'll tell you now? ;o)

BTW, get Dad to scan in a baby pic of you for your LJ pic - that'd rule. I'd get some baby pics of me for mine, if I had any here, or indeed a scanner. It bugs me that I have to keep talking to 2Pac :o)

Yeah right, like I'd fall for that one. Plus I'm nekkid in most of my baby pics and people don't wanna see that.

Fall for what one? I'm serious. Not necessarily a baby pic, just pictures of you when you were little. You know, when you were still vaguely cute :oP


Re: Baby pics?????

Or not, although I have baby pictures of Jim right next to me now. Hmmm, how evil am I?

Probably not as evil as I can be. Just think what I can do, for a second :o)

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Hopefully an evil of Hitleresque proportion. POST 'EM. 8-)

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Also, why does it bug you talking to 2Pac. Is it the fact that he's dead or what?

1\ Yes. He is dead. This is a fact. Don't pretend otherwise, you little twit :o)

2\ Um, no it doesn't bother me. It's just that I recognise who I'm talking to from their pictures, and you ain't 2Pac...

Oh, aren't I?...

No. You are not. Sorry.

hey, just thought i'd introduce myself.

i'm sarah, otherwise known as jen's best friend.

Howdy. I've heard (and read) a lot about you (much of it from your journal :o)

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