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(no subject)
This is wonderful.. Or wrong..


These are the search queries of anonymous user 711391, in case you haven't read them.. Obviously some people use search engines as a form of release for their thoughts, and this provides a chilling insight.. Here are the queries, in order (minus boring hypochondriac ones - click the link above to see all of them):

can not sleep with snoring husband
how to kill mockingbirds
how to kill annoying birds in your yards
god will fulfill your hearts desires
online friendships can be very special
people are not always how they seem over the internet
friends online can be different in person
houston tx is one hot place to live
can liver problems cause you to loose your hair
can perimenopause cause sleeplessness
did anyone ever tell you how proud of you they are
i'm so proud of you
men need encouragement
men need a womans love
can a person contact hiv from sweat
how many online romances lead to sex
how many online romances lead to sex in person
the bible says be kind to one another
is there anything you can put in the back of shoes to make the heels not slip
women with curvy bodies
men like women with curvy bodies
how to flirt with a man
death by viagra
how do i get to the omni hotel in san antonio off i 10 coming from houston
crystal wand sex toy
why cant i sleep since i had a hysterectomy
insomnia after hysterectomy
how to deal with shy men
bird flu going to alaska
electronic monitoring of people on probation
electronic monitoring of people in mansfield ohio on probation in ohio
can sleeping pills cause you to wake up in the middle of the night and do weird things
can teens have brain aneurysm
do you get a fever with a brain aneurysm
high fever is a symptom of diseases
if you suffer from anxiety you should cut out caffenie
anxiety and insomnia during pre menopause or after hysterectomy
should you try to cure your own nervousness or take medicine
is drinking a glass of wine at night bad for your health
how do you know if you are an alcoholic
if i stop drinking alcohol suddenly can it kill me
camomile tea can make you sleepy
is camomille tea safe
can you mix camomille tea and wine
safety tips for women being out at night
safety tips for women
if a stranger asks you to stop your vehicle never stop
m*sturb*tion with turkey baster
husband does not think it is good idea for me to meet my online friends
how can i tell if spouse is spying on me while i'm online
how can i tell if my spouse put spyware on my computer
i gave my heart to another man
married but in love with another
tempted to have an affair
extra maritial affairs are not the answer
how to make good impression first time meeting an online friend
staying calm while meeting an online friend
how to have a good experience meeting an online friend
meeting online friends in person and having fun
guilt cheating spouses feel
how to get rid of nervousness of meeting an online friend
how can you tell if someone online is lying
how can i make a shy person feel more comfortable
casual sex is hot
should friends have sex
i want sex with a friend
why would someone say they had an affair when they didn't
said he had an affair but he didn't
symptoms of heart attack
trapped gas in chest makes me think i'm having a heart attack
how can women get rid of their mustache
is it ok for women to pluck or tweeze their mustache
what the bible says about god helping you make decisions
meeting online friends in person and not liking them
fear of embarrassing yourself around other people
god wants his children to have confidence
when you have an affair you hurt yourself worse than anyone
if your spouse has an affair should you contact the other person's spouse and let them know
i cheated on my spouse
the guy i had an affair with won't leave me alone
the person i had an affair with said i made them feel like an idiot
how can you tell if a man is turned off by sex with you
how come right when you get over a guy that dumped you he comes running back
i'm over my ex but now he wants me back
why do men want women back after women have moved on and dont want them anymore
i don't want him back
why are people stupid enough to have affairs on their spouses
why do christian men cheat
guy i had an affair with acted weird during the sex
surviving an affair
person i had an affair with is trying to contact me again
i met my cyber lover and the sex was not good
help for christians caught in extramarital affairs
online friend is horrible in person
man disgusted with woman after sex
why do men hate women after they finally sleep with them
person i had an affair with made me feel bad about myself
i thought i could handle an affair but i couldn't
god can heal affairs

It's weird to read that stuff, and I didn't even get remotely near to the end..

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That is really quite creepy. I love the fact it ends with several searches for "treating computer addiction"

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