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What timing..
Flying to Portugal on Saturday, so of *course* there's a terror warning, which will invariably disrupt the journey.. I mean really, no hand luggage? Thank God it's not a long flight, or I'd be bored out of my skull..

I'm enjoying Big Brother.. Nikki is as annoying as ever, and thinks she knows how to be entertaining.. Fortunately, on occasion she's right, so that's okay.. Enjoying having Grace back in the house, but not sure why.. I don't find her all that attractive, not even in a Javine way, so it's not that.. I quite like that she and Mikey were kissing last night, I still think it's kind of sweet..

I'm quite liking Imogen being in there too at the minute, in spite of how awful her jingle was.. Something about her telling Glyn off in Welsh was kind of cool, since at home he'd presumably be told off in Welsh too.. "Jeopardised position ti" indeed.. Actually, not sure how to spell that, it might be 'tu'.. Like I said, my command of Welsh when written is completely different to spoken, and the two do not overlap..

The other reason I like Imogen, and the reason it's a shame that either she or Richard will go this week, is that she's gradually learning to get along with him.. It's actually kind of heartwarming to see the two of them get over their issues, so it's a shame that has to finish..

Anyway, on the train to work now.. Dark clouds loom, but I remain unconcerned..


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