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Bank Pays You Dividend of £13.70

Woohoo, free money.. I know that £13.70 is only a 2% return on my investment, but it's better than nothing, and Yahoo! Finance has a little icon of a bull next to my shares, which is nice.. Though I have lost 30p in the time it's taken to write this, which is a little distressing.. Still, the overall value of my shares is about £650, so it would take a lot of 30p's to hurt me..

Ooh, it's just gone up by 41p.. Wow, I could watch this all day (though I'd get fired and lose my shares..).

O noes, it just went down by £1.05! Oh the horror..

Ah, back up by £1.28.. Nice..

Ack! Down by £4!! And Yahoo claimed that the price would receive support when it hit 511.32p, even though it's now on 509.50.. My poor riches :o(

Anyway, enough of the silly.. I'm working :o)


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