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(no subject)
Ed, here's how that marvellous piece of writing went in Neighbours:

Harold: I'm sorry, was there something I can do for you Steph?
Steph: No, no not really, I just thought I'd pop over..
Harold: Ah, that's lovely.. Unfortunately though I've got to get going down to the general store
Steph: Ah, right.. Modern life, eh? Sometimes it all just feels like a lot of stress and noise
Harold: Ah, certainly does..
Steph: So it was you Harold.
Harold: Sorry, what?
Steph: Look, I know that the bikes can be a bit loud but I'm really trying to run a business, you know, you don't hear me complaining about you playing your God damn tuba do you?
Harold: I don't know what you're talking about
Steph: The noise complaint! Aw Harold, look.. I should've known, I should've known that you'd be the only one petty minded enough in this street to let something like that happen..
Harold: Noise complaint? I have done no such thing.. Because my petty mind, as you put it, has been occupied with other things.. Sky for instance? Who's having the most dreadful complications with her pregnancy!
Steph: Oh Harold, I'm so sorry, look, I didn't know
Harold: Well that's blatantly obvious, now look, I do have a business to run, so if you don't mind..

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Sky is PREGNANT??? I´ve been away for over two months and this is the first event that has made me want to come home!

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