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(no subject)
The last couple of days at my parents' house have been fun.. I even kicked a ball around a little yesterday, and was reassured that I still have enough coordination to keep a ball up for half a dozen touches.. In fact, I think that's more than I could last time I played (which was during my first year of uni) - must be the coordination that Frisbee has trained into me..

We went for a drive yesterday, and I saw (and inadvertently startled) some wild deer, which was awesome.. I don't think I've ever actually seen proper wild deer in plural before, so that was nice..

My cat wounded me.. Granted, I was fighting her at the time, but still.. I have several slashes down my arm that make it look as though I self-harm.. Not cool.. Maybe I'll post a picture, one moment..

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Ah, it's reassuring to know what part of the body it was...

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