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Waiting at the bus stop just now, I just saw Rowan, who was in my classes from ages 11 to 14, and who I camped with (along with Chris and Sean) on our Year 8 Marlow Camp.. He was out jogging, in stark contrast to me - I'm waiting to go to work with a bag full of chocolate for my breakfast ;o) Anyway, he didn't stop, just said "How you doing Webley?" as he went by, which was weird, since I'd mostly had my back to him while I was waiting, and he wouldn't normally *expect* me to be there (since I've not seen him in over six years at least).. So full marks for memory there, because it took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on :o)

Must find his number when I get home and get in touch, if only to say hi..


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