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Good Morning
This from my brother of his current LJ pic:
The point of it is, I'm doing my best to be like Jim cos he rules so I've got a picture of him that looks evil because I'm also an evil little bugger
And then...
Aiyo, you shut yo' bitchin' ass you damn whore ;-)

Aww, sweet :o)

Anyhow, since last I spoke, I've done nothing - what is there to do while you sleep, eh? Anyhow, I'll write some more once I've done things to speak of....

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Note that I was saying that insult in a stupid way on purpose, I don't talk like that nomrmally.

Yeah, whatever... We all know you 5p3ak l1k3 7h15... ;o)

Anyhow Ed, you think I could ever take that insult seriously? It was terrible! ;o)

James, we all know I'm better at insulting than you. Just cos that one sucked, doesn't mean the others do...

Who here is the leader of an army of trolls praised for their ability to insult people in witty and amusing fashions, and who is it who aspires to be just like the other?

Face it Ed - I rule, and you want to be me. It's obvious :o)

Re: Shrub my Runway

I could beat you in a Monkey Island 3 style insult battle and you know it. If you don't believe me then bring it BB! Oh yeah, and no stealing insults from the game, OK?

Re: Shrub my Runway

Don't kid yourself and get into a fight you can never win, Ed :o)

James, if you're so sure you can beat then prove it...

awwwww. Sibling rivalry. How cute lol

Bah. Don't get me started on you too ;o)

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