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A few things
It's a beautiful day.. Granted, I'm still at Cardiff station even though I'd normally aim to be at work by now, but circumstances beyond one's control tend not to matter too much when there's a fresh breeze and a sunny sky..

In other news, I've found my first Welsh speakers.. Every now and again I'll hear people talking in a different language and wonder, but the people here on the platform are definitely talking Welsh, because I can understand them..

The website from which I download Neighbours and Home & Away seems to have gone away permanently.. Still, I'll find a way to keep up, the files must be out there somewhere..

The flat is now mostly tidy.. Went on another spider hunt last night, which was not pleasant.. I'm really not keen on those things.. Still, only found one, and it was technically outside the flat anyway, so all's well..

Anyway, my train appears to be moving, so time for a nap before work..

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please let me know if you find anything. I was using that site too!

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