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Pressed Send while I was getting my train ticket out.. Stupid phone..

Anyway, I was saying, being creative in an advertising way is not something I find it at all easy to do.. So I have an enormous amount of respect for people who can do that, and come up with attractive propositions..

Personally, I'm inclined to put it down to gender differences. As the only male in a workshop of nine people, obviously I was hampered by my ability to think rationally ;o)

.... Just kidding, though I did think it was interesting that pretty much everybody else there was female.. Probably not a coincidence..

But overall, it was fun.. I considered the motivations of a MySpace generation student, and what might make him use Internet Banking. Underage girls weren't listed among the motivations, but I bet they'd work..

As an aside, walking through London was good fun, if a little warm.. I really like that place :o)

Back to the meeting, I think I understand a little better why we have agencies doing our creative stuff, and why we pay them quite so much.. They were cool people though.. There was a Kiwi there, so naturally I had to make some baseless remarks about the quality of rugby in the southern hemisphere.. Ooh, and there was someone who was born in Haverfordwest and grew up in Saundersfoot, so yay for Pembrokeshire :o) We had a chat about Wales, though my anti-Cardiff stance probably didn't help matters :o)

Right now, I'd just like to get home.. I'm a good two hours away, and I'd like a bit of a rest, since it's been a rather tiring day (and tomorrow is looking no better..)

Ah, but work is fun :o)