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Monday, yay!
Funny how things turn out.. I'd meant to go in early (like 6:13 early) but it all fell through, so I'm just at the station now.. Fortunately, the early train was cancelled anyway, so I've lost nothing.. Which is a good start to the week :o)

I'm really looking forward to getting to work, not least of all because I've had no access to my e-mail or news websites all weekend.. I'm slightly bothered by the fact that I don't actually know what's going on in Lebanon right now.. I have a vague idea that it's something to do with Israel's failure to understand the concept of 'proportionate response', and an apparent desire to escalate everything (why buy all those American jets if you're not going to bomb somebody?), but beyond that I really have no idea.. It'll be nice to feel plugged in to the rest of the world again :o)

Plus there's the actual work.. Big things are afoot, with lots of money going towards projects that I'm involved in.. It's an exciting time to be doing my job :D

And lastly, and certainly not leastly, (probably not a word) there's the fact that Naomi is coming home tonight, which is awesome.. We get to have our first proper meal together in the new flat and everything :D It's all very exciting really..


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