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Oh good grief..
I appear to be watching some rubbish on S4C called Equilibrium.. It truly is an awful movie.. I can't even begin to describe what's wrong with it..

The features of this flat that make it so nice also make it slightly unsettling when here alone.. When showering, the shininess of the tiles on the walls means that reflections from all around give the impression of other people being in the flat.. The size of the place also makes it feel weird in the night when nobody else is here.. And the fact that I have no Internet just makes it that little more weird, what with the feeling isolated..

Oh well, should probably be getting to sleep anyway.. Lots to do tomorrow..

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Bah. Awesome film.
Even if it's just 50% brave new world and 50% 1984 + water.

Christian Bale is excellent and gun katana rules...

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