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The stillness in your eyes
Convinces me that I
I don't know a thing
I've been around the world and I
I've tasted all the wines
A half a billion times
Came sickened to your shores
You show me what this life is for

*contented sigh*

I wanna dance with you ;o)

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God, I'm incurable. . I read that as 'came sickened into your shoes'. 8-)

Quit reading song lyrics I post wrong, or I'll have to take "corrective measures" ;o)

Should this be making me smirk, or fearing for the safety of my LJ? :-)

Who's to say? Not me ;o)

BTW, are you getting the mails saying people have replied? Because mine aren't coming through, and it's bugging me :o(

I'm getting SOME but not all, and it's taking quite a while for some of them to come through. :-(

i'll dance with you... but only silly dances! hehe.

I wanna dance with you ;o)

Sorry, I can't dance. :-o

i'll dance with you, my love


About bloody time too, I've had this song looping almost 24 hours waiting for you ;o)

*slow dance*

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