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You know how sometimes you feel like you have to give equal time to both sides of your body?

So like, when you're walking along, if you step on a crack with your right foot, you have to do the same with your left?

And don't start claiming you don't all do that, because I know I'm not the only crazy one.. I remember when I was little, it was far more important that I made sure my feet got the same treatment from the pavement. These days, I trust that over a long enough distance, everything evens itself out, and I don't need to micromanage my feet just to make sure everything is even. It seems a lot easier that way..

Anyway, I've found the ultimate in calming solutions.. Listening to songs with a 7/4 time signature fixes it nicely.. If I walk in time with the song, it comes out as:


Thus, each bar reverses the first foot I put down, and everything is good.. The asymmetry of the whole thing means that everything matches on each side. This is important to me, for reasons that I have yet to find the words to explain.

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Strange boy! Why not just waltz down the street? And for anyone who doesn't know a waltz is in 3/4 time, thus alternating the feet at the start of each bar. Much easier :-)

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