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I was writing this last week, and became distracted by work issues.. So here's an incomplete post:
Having spent three nights in our new flat, I have grown accustomed to the fact that the bed wants to tip me out. Thus far it hasn't happened, and with any luck it won't..

I'm really liking it though.. the shower is probably the best I've ever had somewhere that I've actually lived.. At uni, the showers felt too much like changing rooms (that's what you get for living with eleven other people).. In Brighton, we had a decent power shower, but out of a possible 180 degrees of movement of the temperature dial, there was a range of approximately 2 degrees of bearable temperatures. And everybody else in the house had different ideas about where that was.. In Hove, the shower was okay, but nothing special.. And in my old flat, the shower was completely useless, no pressure, couldn't turn the thing off, no real temperature control.. Rubbish..

In our new flat, the pressure isn't anything to write home about, but the on/off interface is great, the temperature control is great, and the whole thing just feels nice.. It takes 'having a shower' and reduces it from a twenty minute task to a ten minute task - just step in, turn on, wash, turn off, step out.. I cannot emphasise enough how welcome this is..

And the kitchen has more storage space than I know what to do with, and that's really saying something.. Massive, deep cupboards that can store almost endless rows of tins and packets.. It's great.. And it's somewhere to put the appliances that we're not using at any given point (smoothie maker, bread maker, etc..)

So yes, it's all good..

In other news, I went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Monday, which was pretty good.. I mean, obviously it was a Stadium event, which I object to on principle.. After you've seen your favourite band (at the time) perform in a pub in fron of less than a hundred people, there's something very detached about sitting a couple of hundred yards away and watching the band on screens.. If I wanted that, I'd go to a festival :o)

That said, the songs were really good.. Weirdly, the audience knew By The Way better than Californication, which just goes to show the general age of the audience.. Really odd, but oh well.. They played enough old material to keep me happy anyway, and the newer (and other unfamiliar) stuff was energetic and fun, so I'm not complaining :o)
Oops :o)

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And when I saw them several years ago half the audience had no clue what on earth any of the songs from Blood Sugar Sex Magic were.

Testament to the longevity of their music no doubt. That and the fact I am getting old!

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