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Ugh, I was going to keep quiet about it, but repeated mentions on the news force me to say this..

Italy did not win 5-3 on penalties. In fact, it is impossible to quantify Italy's win - all that is known is that they won, by an unspecified margin of between 1 and 2 penalties (inclusive).

The point is, France didn't take their fifth penalty, so we'll never know how much Italy won by. They certainly can't possibly have won by a margin of two, because France only missed one penalty - that doesn't make sense.

The only mathematically valid measure is that Italy won by 1 to 0.75, being the ratio of goals to completed penalties. But they certainly didn't win 5-3, because the 5 exists in a different unit of measurement to the 3.

So like I said.. Italy won by a margin of 1-2 goals, but beyond that, you really can't say.. 5-3 is a quantitative measure, and the score cannot be quantified.

(yes, I know I've repeated myself over and over.. this is to drive the point home)

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ya it was all over the news in the US and at my new station..i read your post before i went in and tried to correct people but they didnt believe me. why would newspapers/tv post whats not true? cant they get sued for that? (liable?)

It's not that it's not true.. it's certainly not a falsehood, and it's the established way of reporting the score. It's just not mathematically valid. I don't think anybody ever got sued for that sort of thing.....

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