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A new addition..
We have a lodger. He's small, furry, black, and decidedly rat shaped. Naomi and I unanimously and independently decided to name him Bert. We like him more than the prospect of spiders and slugs, as were the interlopers in our previous residence. He was in our room, but ran away when we turned on the lights..

I know where he went, and I taped up his little hole, entombing him, at least as far as his bedroom access goes. No doubt he has other avenues of egress. I think that's the word I want..

The tape will not contain him indefinitely, of course.. Doubtless his rodent cunning will enable him to foil me, Tom and Jerry style. Nevertheless, in doing so he will only confirm my suspicions as to his location, and I will be able to come up with a barrier a touch more permanent. I wish him no harm, but he must understand that he does not belong in my world, just as I do not belong under the floorboards.

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I see your rat and raise you a fine collection of pavestone-dwelling honey-devouring ants.

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