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(no subject)
Yesterday I saw a baby seagull, but it was going away.. It was on the railway tracks, which isn't an appropriate home for a child, and it looked like it had already had a run-in with a train.. I asked God for a quick death, and for the seagull to be at peace, and for it to come back into a happier life.

Then today, God sent me a new baby seagull, in the safety of the garden here at work, tended to by a parent that flies down and feeds it.. Thus, the world is a slightly better place once more.. I think this one must have come down from the roof of the office, learning to fly.. Our building is kind of donut shaped, so it's perfectly safe in there, so long as it keeps getting fed.. It has water to play in, trees, and no trains or cars or people.. It looked happy :o)

Of course, flying away will be a bugger - the building is so tall in relation to the diameter of the garden that the adult seagulls have to take off and fly around the garden spiralling up before they can get out. Still, it's safe, and that's the main thing.. :o)

It's nice how things seem to work out well :o)

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I like your responses in the (askmeanything) community, and upon reading your intro page I think you're an interesting person. Not to mention not so long ago I wrote a sea gull entry myself. :] Anyway, I wanted to know, would be alright to friend you?

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