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This place will take a bit of getting used to.. For starters, the bedroom faces the main road, so there's the noise of cars.. Fortunately, I only sleep between midnight and 6am anyway, so that shouldn't be a problem, since the road should be quiet by then..

The other thing is that I can no longer walk around the house naked.. With windows everywhere, making me visible to the street below, I don't think it would be appreciated.. Just going to the bathroom in the morning involves going past the landing window, the bathroom window, and being in plain sight of the living room window.. Hardly ideal!

Fortunately, as an exhibitionist, I'm sure I'll get over it ;o)

The bed is nice, anyway.. Slightly smaller that the current one - I almost fell out a couple of times last night.. On the plus side, we have nice firm mattresses, which come in very handy indeed..

This all seems rather negative, I'm sure, but overall I'm really happy with this place - these are the few tiny things that could be improved, that's all :o)

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I can't stand an exhibitionist with a shrubbed runway.

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