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Just come away from Alex's party.... It was rather good, and it was fancy dress - as such, I was dressed only in bin bags (well, and some clothes, but mostly bin bags). I rule. When I entered the room, everybody was like "Hey, that's pretty cool". Well, yeah, I am... :o)

Anyhow, didn't drink anything, not that there was much I'd want anyway. Alex opened her presents, read her card, blew out the candles on her cake, and then I retired to my room. My overseeing work done, I'm now able to leave.... The people there were kinda annoying, so... Plus, now I'm here, I'm giving Alex a place she can come if she gets too annoyed by the party... All good :o)

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Alex Party?


Don't give me your life
Your life
Give me your life
Oops ;o)

I repeat:


I was dressed only in bin bags

Guess you got "binned" ;)

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