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After watching an awful lot of football lately, it's dawned on me exactly why I prefer Ultimate so much more..

It's all about the Spirit of the Game. In football, the referees act like parent figures to the spoilt children that actually play the game.. The ball goes out of play, blatantly off the feet of a player, and he holds his hand up as if to say "But I didn't do it!"

So much of the game seems to be players pushing their luck, trying to see how much they can get away with.. then the other players all start complaining to the referee about it.. There's no sense of accountability or personal responsibility, and you have to lie because everybody else is doing it and if you don't then you'll come off worse..

Contrast this against Frisbee, where disputes are settled by the players, and the entire culture dictates that if you fuck up, you own up.. If I get the last touch on a disc before it goes out of play, I look like a cunt if I don't make a point of letting everybody know. The fact that the majority of spectators are also players also helps, since they wouldn't let you get away with it even if you tried. Self regulation really is better for the game, because people stop with the bullshit. SotG is more important than winning - winning by being a cunt is called losing.

Of course, it's not football's fault that it's like that, but still.. give me Ultimate any day...

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Throw the levels of sponsorhip and pressure that top flight football has at Ultimate Frisbee and see where the self regulation takes you.

A nice principle to play by though nonetheless.

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