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I believe that in the present Internet vernacular, the exclamation of "w00t" is appropriate..

Starting from an initial £50, I placed a series of bets on the World Cup and Big Brother. £5 went on betting against England, so that in the event of their expulsion from the tournament I would at least be fairly rich. That money went down the drain since they qualified without a loss.

A further £1.50 went on comedy bets on Brazil not scoring any goals, things like that.. just in case.. That's gone too.

I'll confess, I stuck £12 on Sezer being evicted in Big Brother, and won £2.70 on top of my original stake. Though I then spent that on betting against Nikki, so that I'd be rather rich in the event that she managed to get evicted (which would have been an undesirable outcome).

Then I lost a couple of quid on a rather optimistic bet on the USA winning their group. I won't be doing that again..

I think at one point, I was a good £15 down on my starting position. But as of Germany's victory against Sweden a short time ago, I'm at the break-even point. I have another couple of quid on Argentina later, which I'd say is a fairly safe bet, so I should actually be doing better than break-even. And none of this includes the £5 I've got on Ecuador to beat England (so technically, I'm already doing better than breaking even), since I've written that off in the hope that England win.

Of course, if they don't, then I'll have almost doubled my initial balance..

Still, I'm rather happy.. Last year, I performed rather poorly in my Big Brother betting.. A bet split across either Maxwell, Saskia or Kemal to win Big Brother (I misjudged the way the public reacted to them) cost me £16.. Though a bet on Maxwell to be evicted made me a £15 profit.. Though I then lost the rest of my money on betting Orlaith would be evicted, and then a couple of football bets subsequently..

So really, to break even overall, I really need England to lose in the football I guess.. Oh well :o)

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I think the thing to remember is this: Never bet on the States. This is a country where "football" is little more than rugby for pussies, and proper football is called "soccer."

I actually made quite a bit of money on betting that the USA would lose their matches, so it's okay.. So it's not that bad..

Still, they did much better last time - I'd assumed they would be improving..

Ah...betting on us to LOSE is okay.

I guess it's a two steps forward, one step back kind of thing when it comes to the US and proper football. But yeah, they do seem to have shown some improvement.

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