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So very very angry..
This is getting beyond a joke..



Funny that today is meant to be happy - reading this story has left me furious, and completely ruined my day.

I'm sorry, but this is no more science than the last one was.

"The equation was broken into six variables: being outdoors, nature, social interaction, positive memories from childhood summers, temperature and holidays and looking forward to time off."

Last time you tried to multiply "general motivation levels" by "the need to take action", and combine that with three eighths of the time since Christmas multiplied by the time since a failed 'quit attempt', presumably New Year Resolution related.

I can only assume that in this case, we have to multiply 'being outdoors' by the coefficient of social interaction (in order to maximise BBQ events), and obviously nature to the power of outdoors is probably involved somewhere too.. And I expect we have to take logtemperature(memories) in order to fully evaluate the quantitative measure of happiness.

"Whether it is a sunny day, a childhood memory, or something as effortless as eating a delicious ice cream, I wanted my formula to prove the key to happiness can really be that simple."

Oh, 'prove', that's what you're trying to do? You see, because I thought you were taking a load of obvious things that make people happy in the summer, then tying them together with a rudimentary knowledge of addition, subtraction and multiplication. I mean obviously childhood memories + temperature = more happiness. How could it not?

And what's more, if you come up with a formula that makes literally no sense, then it's awfully hard for somebody to prove you wrong. I dread to think how anybody could ever check this 'science', since it invariably relies on arbitrarily determined coefficients, measuring quantitatively that which only exists qualitatively..

Seriously, it makes me more cross than Intelligent Design and Tony Christie combined. Mostly because the BBC is stupid enough to put up stories about it. This isn't the BBC dumbing down to suit the audience, this is them making the audience dumb by feeding them rubbish like this article.

"a formula from a part-time tutor at Cardiff University shows it gets even worse this Monday"
"Mr Arnold, who specialises in seasonal disorders"

Big deal, you can specialise in geography at GCSE, but it doesn't mean you have a clue about it.. This man is a fool, evidently obsessed with publicising his non-science, and making the field of psychology look as rigorous as that of Intelligent Design.

Of course, now I live in Cardiff, so I could always go see this 'specialist' and see if I can disorder his season....