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I've always felt that today was a good day to reflect on your life.. After all, it's the longest day of the year, and therefore one of the few days of significance whose importance can't be refuted..

New Year, Christmas, these are arbitrary constructs thought up by other people. But even if we all vanished off the face of the earth, today would still be the longest day..

The last year has been pretty fucking amazing, really.. Things really feel like they're going right, like everything is working out really well.. Settled into my new job nicely, shortly moving into a much better flat, etc..

But mostly, there's Naomi.. It's weird, but I find that I don't respect many people.. That's not to say that I disrespect them, but I'll be honest here and say that I consider most people to be in some way beneath me.. I know that's hardly a wonderful character trait, but I can no more change my arrogance than you lot can stop being inferior to me. We play the hand we're dealt..

But my actual point is that I find myself really respecting Naomi, in a way that I never really respected certain other people who can go unnamed here.. If I'm the only real person in a world of robots, then she's the person I'd find it easiest to believe was also real, if you catch my meaning.. It seems slightly silly, but to me it's important.. I don't want a robot, I want a proper person, and she's definitely one of those :o)

It also helps that she currently holds two of the three minesweeper records on my computer - how can you fail to respect that? ;o)

But seriously, if there was ever anybody I could picture spending the rest of my life with (and I can), it would have to be somebody who I love and respect, who enjoys (and is good at) mocking me, and who leaves me feeling happy every single day..

So yes, that's what I find myself thinking about on a day which, to me, is all about looking at the bigger picture..