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Social Experiment
I wonder..

Two writing styles, three userpics, three locations.. Eighteen journals. Two entries per journal, plus an as-yet undecided number of bulk-loaded friends. A third entry after 24 hours by way of emphasis.

After a set number of days, I'll look at the sum total of all the friends for the different characteristics, and attempt to infer something about the type of person that appeals as a random-friend type thing in a social network. If it's manageable, average age, geographic distribution, gender, comments etc. will be taken into account..

Should be quite interesting, if I can get the thing to work in the way I'd like.. :o)

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But we all hate you!

hello! I`m Kathryn. I`m looking for new friends for all over the world. If you`d like to become one, I`ll be realy glad. If you want to know more about me, you could see it here:http://kathrin-mercury.livejournal.com/ thanks for your attantion much!!

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