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David, I'm coming to kill you
You are to immediately hush, or else your phone lines will be caused serious suffering by my axe. And if that doesn't stop you, I'll just chop your nuts off. That'll shut you up.

Observation: Craig David doesn't half sound just a tiny bit gay.... Only his singing voice, mind. And it's a good voice, very talented kid. But it just has that something about it. Wonder if he's free next week.... Uh, no, wait, I never said that.

Anyhow, all TV listings put a gap here on BBC1 (at 2:05am). I'm watching intently to find out what it actually is that's on, or not on.


Shit! Taking a break for engineering tests and stuff. David Lees is going to die horribly and slowly when I go down to Sussex for Uni... It's now Teletext, only I can't control it, and it's fuzzy, and it's all crap stuff. And nobody is updating their journals except David, so I can't read those (and lord knows I don't want to read David's defamatory remarks about me any more).... Come on people, wake up!!!


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