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Papers that campaign are teh suck..
I really dislike the Daily Mirror quite strongly.. They've come up with a campaign, which aims to change the law with regard to sex offenders..

Basically, the gist I got off the front cover was that following a second offence commited against children, offenders should be incarcerated with no hope of release.

Words fail to describe how dumb that is. It's equivalent to saying that if the prison system has fucked up its job of rehabilitating inmates, and compounded that failure by releasing somebody who is still a threat, then the prisoner should take the blame.

It basically gives a bonus punishment to anybody who has been failed by the system, and then removes their hope of release and thus a large motivation to reform. Smart..

Surely the goal ought to be ensuring rigorous parole hearings, in conjunction with better support in rehabilitation.. But of course, that would sell fewer newspapers than just screaming "lock 'em all up!"

Sometimes I despair at the world I live in, and the people with whom I must share it..

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I may work for them, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of the Mirror either - I generally find it pretty hard to find anything that I'd be willing to describe as "news" inside. I guess I'm just not a big enough Big Brother or football fan, and thus fall outside of their target audience...

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